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Reviews on Italian language classes with Donatello

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Justin I worked with Donatello for many months and he helped me expand my speaking in both a friendly and comfortable format that was tailored to my skillset. I would higly reccomend him.

Donatello really helped me to enhance my understanding of the italian language. He is a lovely person and makes learning a new language fun and interesting. I would recommend him to anyone.

Great teacher who makes you feel at ease during the lessons! Would definitly recommend to anyone who is wanting to learn Italian

anon Donatello is a fast-moving, fast-thinking teacher while he retains careful consideration for the students’ needs and the fine intricacies of the language. I look forward to each and every class.

Lise Rossi Donatello is a great teacher and a lovely person. He does not mind doing lots of grammar with me, which I love and I always learn something. Thanks a million! Grazie mille.

I have been teaching for one year and I found many of my students thanks to Donatellos network! He is such an active and positive person you really want to work with him… Ciao!

Donatello is such a great guy. Very friendly, helpfull and reliable with Tutors, I would have not hesitate to choose him as a Tutor! Thank you Donatello!

Advertising on Donatellos site has been one of the best moves for my teaching career!I have found many private students and I even had to turn down some of them as I had too much work! Donatello is great and his site is fantastic, an excellent advertising

I have been having lessons with Donatello for 6 months and really enjoy it. He makes the lessons great fun and inter-active.

Donatello 11 out of 10! You are sincerely one of the best tutors I have ever had. Donatello is an energic tutor providing a professional learning environment. Lessons are always fun which encourages me to learn. Grazie Donatello…see you soon!

I have immensely enjoyed having lessons with Donatello over the past months. Donatello is a very enthusiastic and engaging tutor – a unique character. The lessons are involved and his approach is very flexible and accommodating.

I can fully recommend Donatello – he has boundless energy and the lessons are lots of fun, plus Ive learnt a lot in my (so far) six months of classes.

I would add my support to the various comments on this website. My wife and I have been tutored by Donatello for the past 6 weeks or so and we are both enjoying it and finding it a huge help. The lessons are relaxed and informal but nonetheless effective.

Donatello is great fun! He makes the language accessible and understandable. I am not sure about his taste in music though!!

I was looking for an Italian tutor and I am so pleased that I approached Donatello – he is a very encouraging, kind and a teacher who knows how to make study fun. I would recommend him and look forward to continuing my studies with him.

Donatello is as good as it gets. He speaks perfect English and has a proffessional knowledge of both the English and Italian languages. His keen and out going attitude and genuine care about your learning allow him to easilly motavate you.

Grazie, Donatello, for making learning Italian so entertaining!

Steve I have been having lessons with Donatello for several weeks now and Im so pleased that I decided to ask him to be my tutor. The lessons are fun and interactive and Donatellos approach gives you great confidence. Grazie tante.

Very nice and useful site. Is it possible to become a tutor in Rome?Yours sincerly, Marina

ciao donatello….si il sito funziona, io ho rcevuto due rikieste per lo spagnolo, e una per litaliano.

Lisa Grazie Donatello for your lessons. I really enjoyed them and please keep your originality.

Tanya Ciao tutti! Ive been having lessons with Donatello since the beginning of september, and I recommend him to everybody. Hes fun, kind, a very good teacher, and his lessons are extremely good value for money, especially in London. Whether youre a beginner o

Eugenio Interesting and well done site

Giuseppe Complimenti per linteressante sito

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